Dr. Lena Edwards is an internist and Board Certified Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine specialist. Her two decades of clinical practice has focused on Integrative Medicine, health and wellness, disease prevention, stress related diseases, and stress management. In addition to patient care, she is dedicated to promoting the expansion and delivery of evidence based medical education to both patients and health care providers. To this end, she has authored a number of journal articles and scientific papers and has given hundreds of lectures on a variety of Integrative Medicine topics. Dr. Edwards is best recognized for her expertise in the stress response system, HPA axis and adrenal dysfunction, and stress related diseases. She has extensively researched and written on these topics for over a decade and remains a highly sought after speaker by numerous academic institutions. She was the lead author in the peer reviewed article, ‘Hypocortisolism: An Evidence Based Review’, which was published in August, 2011, in IMJC. She also authored an evidence based book titled Adrenalogic: Outsmarting Stress which has sold thousands of copies worldwide.
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Beyond adrenal fatigue | Moving towards an evidence-based understanding of hypocortisolism

Posted by Lena D. Edwards, MD, ABOIM, FAARM, ABAARM, FICT on Oct 17, 2017 9:00:00 PM

In 1936, Hungarian endocrinologist, Hans Selye, proposed the General Adaptation Syndrome, the chronological progression from health to disease caused by prolonged exposed to “noxious stimuli,” later termed “stress.”  He described three distinct stages through which this process predictably occurred.  Although the precise mechanisms underlying the progression from the first stage of “alarm” to the final “state of exhaustion” were unclear, Selye believed the process was influenced by dysfunction in both the endocrine and immune systems.

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